We all thought Part Chimp were gone. Extinct. Never to be seen in their natural habitat again. Yet by the power of the the heavens, science and definitely magic, the London-based noise rock outfit returned with IV in April. Track two, Mapoleon, shows there’s still life in the old chimp.

Mapoleon is relentless and painfully efficient as the guitar riffs bounce with a Stooges quality to them, but in Part Chimp tradition they are drenched in fierce, bone-breaking drone which instantly spring the listeners neck muscles into action.

Noise and dirge are two terms of endearment that I’m sure the band would be happy to hear, but it’s the indie rock influence that really sets them apart from their contemporaries and this can be found most clearly in the use of vocals.

Never a band to shy away from making a heavy track accessible – when listening to Mapoleon it’s easy to notice that the hooks are sharper than before and the melodies are as sweet as sugar.

Mapoleon is about driving around and getting lost – the chaos and infighting that can be found within the gargantuan noise the band make. However, directionless can’t be used to describe the content Part Chimp showcase. Here we have route one music, music that aims to have you worshiping the band at their feat at the supremacy of their sludgy racket.

To paraphrase Kent Brockman: “I, for one, welcome our new Part Chimp overlords.”

Hail to the Part Chimp!




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