We were an island getting bashed on all sides
by an ocean of sold fears and doubts


Some songs come around at just the perfect time in your life to either fill a void that is completely missing at that moment. Others become a sonical and lyrical narration for what is occurring at during a certain period in your life.

Day by Day, the second single taken from Tall Ships’ new record Impressions, simultaneously fits both these criteria as a perfect encapsulation for early adulthood.

The simple and delicate lyric “place your hand in mine” repeated over and over throughout the second half of the track takes on a profound and distinctly moving meaning. Anxieties are simply swept away in one swoop, as the track reminds you that there is so much life in the world, despite the confusion and fear that you may face.

A slow burner of a song, Tall Ships have progressed massively from the delightfully loopy math rock they were serving up towards the start of the decade. Slowdive-esque shoegazing tenderness washes over the track to create a song that tackles a nightmarish subject with the fragility and sensitivity it deserves.

Other bands may have come and gone, but as Day by Day’s atmosphere muffles the backing vocal in the last minute you are reminded why they are such a pivotal band.


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